The government has found 600 space aliens living among us. This eleven minute film presents all 600 for one second each.

Scott Bateman (You, Your Brain, & You) has made another funny experimental film based on ideas from structural film and the Flux film artists of the 1960s. 600 Space Aliens is hypnotic, a visual tour de force of found footage, stock footage, original footage, and visual effects, plus a Philip Glass-style soundtrack composed by the filmmaker himself.




"Monumental and infinitesimal at the same of the best movies about aliens I've ever seen."--David Rees (Host, TV's Going Deep With David Rees)

"Scott has such an amazing, authentic, and inventive comic mind."--Michael Showalter (Director, Hello, My Name Is Doris; writer, Wet Hot American Summer)

"!!!"--Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein (Directors, Blood of the Tribades)

"It's a world and a club people will want to join."--Rob Barnett (Producer, Wainy Days)


By popular demand, the ten-minute 600 Space Aliens soundtrack is now available on Bandcamp for just $1. Give it a listen, then support indie filmmaking by buying it. Hypnotic!


Scott Bateman is the director of the award-winning fake documentary You, Your Brain, & You and the author of the book Disalmanac: A Book of Fact-Like Facts. He is a Jeopardy! champion. Visit his website or IMDb page.
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