Scott Bateman started in animation, creating the PlumTV show Scott Bateman Presents Scott Bateman Presents in 2007 and the feature film Atom Age Vampire in 2009. 

He produced and directed his first live-action feature You, Your Brain, & You in 2015, a hilarious fake documentary which played at film festivals nationwide, winning several awards for its inventive structure. Bateman followed this with his award-winning short film 600 Space Aliens (2016), which again combined comedy and an unusual structure.

Scott Bateman not only directed The Bateman Lectures on Depression: he also wrote, edited, shot, narrated, and produced the film. Plus, he created the many visual effects and bits of animation that appear throughout. He also appears in the film briefly as former US president Grover Cleveland.

He is also the author of Disalmanac: A Book Of Fact-Like Facts (Perigee, 2013).

Scott Bateman won $100,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 2014 and was a one-day Jeopardy! champion in 2015.

Currently, Scott Bateman produces weekly humorous charts on current events online for The Nib.

Born and raised in Oregon, Scott Bateman is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound. He lived in New York City for a decade, becoming part of the alt-comedy scene there. Bateman now lives in Beacon, NY.


Twitter: @ScottBatemanMan

Instagram: scottbateman


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