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Over the past several years, I've made well over 500 animated pieces for the web and for TV. They live in various scattered places all over the web, from YouTube to Vimeo to, and beyond. Here are links to around 100 of my favorites. Have fun!

Boston Spaceships: Fly Away (Terry Says): My latest music video is for Boston Spaceships (featuring Robert Pollard from Guided By Voices and John Moen from the Decemberists), and was commissioned for Tom Scharpling's "Best Show On WFMU" premium DVD. Enjoy!

Ben Garant & The Faith Healer: I did this animation of Ben Garant (The State, Reno 911) for Kevin Allison's RISK podcast. This is a 100% true story!

Schund: Schund: Both the band and the song are called Schund. This is an obscure German punk song from around 1980. get ready to pogo!

Ken Plume & Caissie St. Onge: Ken Plume interviewed TV writer Caissie St. Onge for his podcast, and of course the conversation came around to Muppet Babies.

Anti-Drug PSA: Basically, I turned on a microphone and this is what fell out of New York improv superstar Sarah Nowak's (of The Baldwins) mouth.


These are some of the music videos I've directed over the past few years:

Thao With The Get Down Stay Down: Cool Yourself

Low: Hatchet (Optimimi Version)

Sarah Shannon: City Morning Song

Yo La Tengo: Tighten Up

Sex Clark Five: Great Sheikhs

Clinic: Jigsaw Man

Andrew WK: McLaughlin Groove

Jenn Vix: Vampires

Schund: Schund


Most of these political animations were made for I created five animations a week for during the 2008 election, and they sent me to cover the GOP Convention that year. Most of these use actual audio of politicians and cable news talking heads:

Don't Call Sarah Palin A Quitter

Sarah Palin Resigns

Michele Bachmann vs. The Census

Newt Gingrich vs. Paganism

Congratulations, Mr. President

Dubya on the Economic Collapse

Rick Warren sure is an expert on being gay

Who are the core Palin supporters?

Debating Palin

Sarah Palin vs. Charlie Gibson

John McCain At Sturgis

"The McLaughlin Group" on Bush's legacy

Dubya: We Don't Torture People. Honest!


In 2005-2006, I made an animation every day for a year. Sadly, most of those pieces have disappeared forever, but here are a few that are still on the Internet:

John Hodgman: The Truth About Jonathan Coulton

Paul Scheer's Mom Made Him Throw Away His Poison Album

My Mom Had A Stroke

What Is Up With Borscht?

Actual Audio: VD PSA, 1969


A few years ago, I wrote, produced, directed and animated (and created the original music for) a TV show for PlumTV, "Scott Bateman Presents Scott Bateman Presents," which was made up of short animated pieces featuring voice work from some really cool-ass people:

Kristen Schaal is Trixie Tangway 1

Kristen Schaal is Trixie Tangway 2

Emo Philips

Pete Holmes is Earth's New Robot Overlord

Jenny Slate Is Earth's New Robot Overlord

Kristen Schaal is Earth's New Robot Overlord


Christina Dunham Meets RuPaul

Snowbording In Vail

Actual Audio: 1952 Asbestos Film

Actual Audio: Plowshares: Peaceful Nuclear Explosions


Sometimes, I turn on a microphone and let people just make stuff up and then I animate it:

Sarah Nowak: Anti-Drug PSA

Kristen Schaal's Black Tuesday Singalong

Reggie Watts: Tugboats!

Dion Flynn's Cockroach Story

Ali Farahnakian's Potato Chip Buffet

Blink Party!!! with Sean Crespo


A few years ago, David Wain of The State allowed me to animate a few of the pieces from The State's unreleased album from the 1990s:

The State: Sherlock Holmes Sketch

The State's Zucchini Bread

The State's Animal Sounds

The State: The Late Mr. & Mrs. Balloon


Sound from your favorite shows, movies and commercials, re-animated. MTV actually aired one of my "The Hills" parodies:

Star Trek Movie: Young Kirk Walks Into A Bar...

The Hills

The Hills 2

Flavor Flav: Flavor Of Love

Bateman: Air Supply recalls the '70s

Christian Bale & Michael Caine: Batman

Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Minus Jon

Awesome New Device To Deter Hijackers

Tom Cruise Explains Scientology, Or Something

ACTUAL AUDIO: 1950s & 1960s

For these animations, I've animated to the sound from real educational and industrial shorts:

Color It Clean (The Janitor Short)

Actual Audio: Self-Preservation In An Atomic Attack

Intermission, Part 1

Intermission, Part 2

Magic Oranges From Spain


Here are some comedy sketches I've written and animated, sometimes with special guest voices:

Cancer Cat (with Kevin Allison)

TV Commercial (with Mary Jo Pehl & Violet Krumbein)

Alphabet Sketch

The Robbery Sketch

Here Come The Huns!

The Personality Test

The Mr. Chemistry Show

The Press Conference Sketch

The Counting Sketch


From The Case Files Of Andrew WK

Andrea Rosen Auditioned For Flight Of The Conchords

Deb Olin Unferth, "Without George"

Deb Olin Unferth's "Deb Olin Unferth"

Meet The Lithium League


Happy Holidays!

Actual Audio: 1963's A Visit To Santa

A Cubby Jones Xmas Special

Variety SHAC in "Resolutions"







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